Our Sister Brand

The Dress Cleaning Company is based in our Kilmarnock boutique. They will expertly clean, repair and box your dress for you to store for years to come.

A Lasting Memory

Your bridal gown will become one of the most lasting memories of your entire wedding. From that ‘first glance’ when your husband saw you walking down the aisle, he’ll remember how stunning you looked forever.

Dry Cleaning

To preserve your wedding gown and those precious memories, your dress needs to be cleaned and stored in a certain way. This will not only remove stains and prevent damage, but will keep it looking like new for years to come. Through our preservation service, we offer the latest dry cleaning methods and a commitment to quality every step of the way.

Repairs & Cleaning

We’ll professionally clean, repair and pack your wedding dress, underskirt, veil, keepsakes and other accessories you would like kept with your bridal outfit, in a beautiful personalised box for you to safely store for the future.

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